Mr. Eddings has taken the following stances on issues facing America.

Making Our Government Serve Us, Again

When the needs of everyday Americans takes a backseat to the access and influence of the permanent establishment of DC, we need to be aggressive and assert our right to new elected representation.

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Local and State Agenda

20k Housing Units

Housing and Urban Development funds to leverage affordable living spaces

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DOJ / Metro as Partners


Partnering with federal resources to impact the city's major crime and drugs epidemic.

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Fighting Poverty

Supporting municipal and NGO efforts to stem the expansion of generational poverty.

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US and Congressional Leadership

Support the President

Where his policies are effective, support the President, and where his policies and persona are ineffective or intolerable, provide professional opposition.

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Embrace Executive Oversight

In the GOP minority, there is a dutiful mission to provide accountability over the executive and judicial branches.

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Empower Justice & Counter Activism

Many rights and privileges of American life are addressed by existing laws and statutes, assuring timely access to justice is bottleneck.

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Agenda for the Nation and America's Cities

Budget Balance

Move our spending practices back towards balance and away from growing deficits.

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American Infra-structure

Our country has experienced poor capital investments for far too long.  The people demand that their safety and competitiveness are prioritized.

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Energy Policy

We must empower the tech and natural resources at our disposal to continue to US power growth and competitiveness for our communities and workplaces.

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