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I've served our community in many capacities over the years, humbly and with determination.  As a grassroot activist, this work began in urban neighborhoods in Louisville, expanded county-wide, and now I work across the Commonwealth, sharing my passion for freedom, justice, and satisfaction.   Now, with your help, let's bring Bluegrass values to our Congress.

As I explore a history defying candidacy for the KY-3rd District House, I have found that we need to return to civility and debate our differences, setting a clear bipartisan vision for America.  No party owns title to patriotism, morality, or God's favor, but both can transgress our values, and offend the Providence we so depend on.

Congress and the federal government must be fiscally prudent, economically inclusive, and nationally benevolent towards those in need.  We need a more perfect Union, now more than ever!

We the People, while loyal to our international allies and interests, must dedicate ourselves to a domestic revolution in education, a rebuilding of our economy and infrastructure, and continue to establish ample industry and innovation to employ ourselves, and the prestine natural resources, quality-of-life, and recreation to enjoy for ourselves and future Americans.

This mission will require bold leadership and a legislative agenda that focuses daily on everyday people,  if you can believe with me, we can rekindle the American dream, please consider supporting this movement with your money and manpower.

Yours truly,

Waymen Eddings


Public Service across Kentucky

After many years as a community advocate for local issues and exposure to our community leaders, Waymen is an active government appointee, political activist, and candidate for public office.  Most recently, in the final months of the Bevin administration, former KY Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Secretary Tilley appointed him as a Special Assistant to the Department for Juvenile Justice.  In this role, Waymen was charged with Urban Outreach and Communication, as well as, authoring a mentorship approach called Ten-4.  Notably, this period coincided with the controversial county-to-state surrender of youth detention responsibilities.

In 2018, he was commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel, the highest title of honor bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky. It is recognition of his noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to our state.

Waymen's Story

Early Years

Waymen Eddings grew up in razed housing project, Cotter Homes, the present-day revitalized neighborhood of Park duValle in the 1980's in Louisville, KY's West End.  Youngest son of a single mom, his family moved to the Russell neighborhood in 1990.

High School

Waymen attended duPont Manual HS 1993-97 and graduated from Jefferson County HS in 1997.  He struggled due to social challenges he faced but attended UofL in the Fall and Spring before leaving school to care for his young family.

Family and Work Life

Waymen worked days, volunteered weekends, and studied nights to prepare his career and family to be productive citizens of our local community.  Furthermore, aware of the needs of our neighbors in challenging environments, he continues to advocate for families-in-crisis and communities-in-need.  

Waymen is a father of five; four public school graduates from Waggoner, Ballard, Southern, Fern Creek, and a teen currently at Eastern.  He resides in West Buechel.


10 years of Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Present:  Complexion Community Development Corporation, Co-founder

5 years of Political Involvement

  • 2011-12 Campaign to restore Parkland Boys and Girls Club after closure
  • Mayor Greg Fischers 2012 Anti-Violence Work Group (Key to the City Awardee)
  • 2013 LD Chair - 30th District of JCRP
  • 2016 GOP Nominee - 30th District General  Assembly
  • 2017  JCRP Executive Committee, Member
  • Present: Martin Luther King Jr. State Commission, Member
  • Present: Economic Opportunity Commission, Vice Chair

10 years Non-profit Organization Leadership and consulting

  • Peace Education Program, Student Organizer
  • The Advisory Board for Parkland
  • Trinity Family Life Center, Board member
  • Man Up, Co-founder
  • Middletown Seventh Day Adventist Church, Deacon

15 years of retail sales and warehouse employment with various employers;

  • UPS
  • Clark Material Handling
  • KFC
  • Kroger
  • Wendy's
  • Tumbleweed
  • RadioShack
  • Justice Audio Video Systems
  • Bigelow Tea
  • Walmart Stores


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    Leading Efforts or WE10

    Mr. Eddings has a passionate perspective on the following issues facing America and wants to provide leadership on these matters.  The so-called “WE10” are a series of 5 questions for Congress and 5 demands from the People.

    5 Questions

    5 Demands